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If you are considering booking Hotel Bretagne in Hornbæk then read here first

We are getting married! And the wedding is scheduled for May 2020 at Hotel Brittany in Hornbæk. August 2019 we enter into an agreement with Hotel Bretagne in Hornbæk for our wedding incl. Sleepover. We have had some correspondence with the restaurant manager Katja, who seems top professional and we feel in safe hands.

We are now writing March 2020 and Denmark (and the rest of the World) has been shut down due to the coronavirus. Even though there are still 2 months left for the wedding, we can feel that it is no longer realistic to aim to have a wedding. A wedding that is one of the greatest days of life and deserves the best.

We therefore contact the hotel by email about our concerns about the conduct of the wedding. We write with Anne and Kasper Harboe, who are the owners of the place.

They offer that we move the wedding to the fall at no extra cost.

The day after, the total bill suddenly grows by 10%, despite the fact that we have already agreed to move the wedding to the fall of 2020 the day before. The excuse is that they have been advised by their lawyers to put 10% on all bills in these Corona times.

Is it good style? First, enter into an agreement on no additional costs and then make the bill 10% more expensive. We are deeply shocked to choose to take advantage of the situation and put 10% on top. Good style would have been for the owners to have announced initially that it would cost 10% in additional expense to rebook, but not afterwards.

For us, 10% on top of an already expensive hotel bill is simply too expensive. We have therefore chosen to cancel our wedding and bid farewell to DKK 10,000 in deposit. It hurts – when we were really looking forward to celebrating our wedding at the hotel. But not at an additional cost of 10%.

We have written this review as we do not want others to end up in the same situation.

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